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The Chronic Pain Program is a collaboration between Balance Physical Therapy and Refined Healing. This extremely successful, multidisciplinary program treats chronic pain by addressing both the physical and emotional contributors to pain, thus more completely breaking the pain cycle.

Physical Therapy Sessions
will be individualized based on the findings at your initial evaluation and your personal goals. The intention is to restore strength, flexibility, and joint mobility in areas that have become weakened or tight due to altered or decreased use caused by your pain. In addition we will work toward meeting your established goals and increasing your confidence in controlling your pain and returning to activities pain free.

Refined Healing Sessions
will blend a comprehensive healing program of natural therapies and mind-body techniques. Pain, fear of pain, and stress associated with chronic pain create distorted patterns of function and become lodged in the body. Using a variety of refined energy techniques that she has studied around the world, Jodi will guide you into deeper states of relaxation. You will release old patterns and create a healthier personal environment that will contribute to breaking the pain cycle.

A multitude of scheduling options exist in order to fit the needs of each individual patient. However, our general recommendations are for 2 sessions per week of physical therapy and one session per week with Jodi for an initial 4 week period.

Non-Operative Shoulder Rehabilitation

If health concerns or a busy schedule have you motivate to avoid surgery then who you choose as a physical therapist is key to your success. In order to function optimally, the shoulder joint must maintain its delicate balance between mobility and stability. This requires careful attention to detail on the part of your therapist. Overbooking and bouncing between therapists, practices often seen at high volume clinics, can lead to poor outcomes in shoulder rehabilitation.

I have refined my treatment skills at courses taught by Kevin Wilk, one of the preeminent therapists for shoulder rehabilitation and research. Treatments are based on your specific needs, but generally include a mixture of joint mobilization, stretching, strengthening, neuromuscular training and electric stimulation to assist in strengthening of key muscles. Most patients see pain relief within 1-3 weeks and full return to function in 8-12 weeks.



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