Meredith Hershey Perny, PT, DPT, OCS
I am a proud graduate of Davidson College with a BS in Biology. I received my Doctor of Physical Therapy from the University of Delaware's top ranked PT Program. Several years after graduation, I chose to pursue my Orthopaedic Specialty Certification, and in 2011 I was awarded my certification by the American Physical Therapy Association. I am one of a small group of orthopaedic specialists in the State of Delaware.

After graduation I worked for Physiotherapy Associates for several years before leaving to teach in a clinical setting at the University of Delaware's Neurologic and Older Adult (NOAA) Clinic. In 2009 while working part-time in the University of Delaware's Orthopaedic Clinic and raising our first son, I established Balance Physical Therapy, LLC.

The name Balance Physical Therapy was chosen to represent my goals to establish a better balance both in my work and between work and home. During my years working in high volume clinics, I realized that many patients were falling between the cracks because of erratic scheduling, double booking of patients, and therapists trying to manage the constant juggle of seeing 3 or more patients at a time. At Balance Physical Therapy, I have found a work environment that allows me the time to focus on each individual patient so that they are listened to, well cared for and respected.

My mission at Balance Physical Therapy is to provide patients with a completely different physical therapy experience. My office is private and contained within a well equipped and fantastically staffed personal training studio. Not only do I have access to their equipment, but I have an excellent working relationship with each of the trainers which allows me to get patients back into the gym quickly and safely.

Depending on your needs and the stage of your rehabilitation, I see each patient for a 1/2 hour to an hour long session without overlap or the use of an assistant. I do not believe in wasting your money on time spent with someone who is not a trained physical therapist.

If you have ever had a frustrating experience in physical therapy, been hesitant to go to a physical therapist, or just expect more out of your healthcare experience then I am here for you.
Located In FIT
62 Rockford Road,
Suite 11B
Wilmington, DE 19806
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