Patient Testimonials
"I'm well on the mend thanks to you and your great care and training. Many thanks again for getting me on the right track to healing, and as important, long-term maintenance."    -H.D.

Meredith is the Best when diagnosing and executing her physical therapy skills. I have experienced many physical therapy centers in the Wilmington area in the last 20 years and nothing compares to the expert one on one hour treatment that Meredith provides. She has helped me understand my fibromyalgia flare ups and back issues. She has given me much insight and support on daily stretching and exercising as a pleasant addition to my daily routine
Thank you Meredith for your special skills and kindness -

As as singer with a whiplash injury, I was particularly concerned about how soon I would feel comfortable again. Meredith took great care to address all of my unique issues and provide moral support as well. After twelve weeks of thorough therapy, she not only had me ready to sing again, but also for yoga and the other activities she knows I love. Now I feel 100% healed and am singing and yoga-ing like new. I'm so grateful to her for all her help! -EST

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